Solution for Online Reputation Management


“Online Reputation Management Long Island; Long Name, Exceptional Service and Results”

                Now that we have defined your problem, negative online reviews, or your reputations is being damaged online, how are we going to help you regain your good name?  The answer is truly very simple, but is a complex process, that’s why you need us, because we are the experts.

The answer to this problem of bad reviews, and false information getting to the top of the search engine pages is to replace it with positive comments and feedback.  Like I said this is a simple solution.  How that is done can be very complex and time consuming, but that is for us to worry about and not you.

What we will do is create a positive campaign on your behalf, bring positive client comments to the front of the search engines by adding great writing and content to them.  Through new online blogs that put your company in a positive light, along with a new and improved social media campaign, we will get the positive information to the top of the websites and push the negative away.

How far away do we want the negative information to go?  Ideally we would like to see all the negative feedback and reviews pushed past the third page of any search engine.  In order to help the blog and social media campaign, we also employ the use of online directory listings to fill content about your company with great key information to help the search engines move it to the top.

Once you sign up with our company, we go to work right away to begin to restore your good name and reputation, allowing you to grow your business and profits for the long haul.  This is win, win for both of us, we gain a client who needs our services, you regain your reputation. It can’t miss!

As far as results are concerned, the expected time it will take to see the positive comments make their way to the top of any search engine is approximately 2-3 months.  It is not instantaneous because of the search engines and their algorithms to rank and place content higher on the rankings. In the meantime, we will continue to flood your site and the search engines with positive information which helps keep your positive image in place for a long period of time.

Once your reputation is restored, you will need to continue to work with us to keep it restored and positive.  Our staff of lawyers and web affiliates will run weekly reports that keep you and us informed of how your searches are performing and what adjustments need to be made to keep you in the most positive light possible.

If your reputation has suffered online, and you aren’t seeing the business come in from your website, or even through your door like before, give us a call for a free consultation.  We can help rebuild your good name and get you back in the game again.